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Camilla  Edstrom Odemark Mouth Pieces Camilla Edstrom Odemark Dressing Room Camilla Edstrom Odemark Transformers Sculptor Camilla Edstrom Odemark Transformers Sculptor Camilla  Edstrom Odemark Transformers Sculptor Camilla Edstrom Odemark Mouth Pieces


I position my works in the borderland where our bodies intertwine and merge with our surroundings and its other inhabitants. Sculptures that bear the mark of human craftsmanship also carry imprints of collaboration with more-than-human forces; a meticulously sanded piece of wood, for instance, reveals traces of white fungus and rot. The carved wood is shaped not only by me but also by the beetles and insects that lived off of it, creating hollows and holes in its surface.

Themes of death and decomposition emerge as a transitional state activated by the passage of time in many of my sculptural works. These artworks crumble, decay, or become subject to ingestion. Through these material choices, I want to reveal the borderland as a shared realm, challenging traditional concepts of care and responsibility from a fresh perspective. A mutual kinship that spans from the organic to the non-organic world calls us to reconsider our interconnected relationships with and in our surroundings.

Bio Camilla Edström Ödemark (b.1985, Åland) engages in a multifaceted artistic practice that spans sculpture, drawing, video, and installation. Her body of work has been consistently showcased on the international stage, with exhibitions hosted by venues including Galleri Sculptor (FI), Norwegian Sculptors’ Association (NO), Gävleborgs Länsmuseum (SE), Kunstnernes Hus (NO), Konsthall Meken (SE), BO (NO), Galleri Sinne (FIN), OK Corral (DK), Bærum Kunsthall (NO), and Galleri 54 (SE).

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